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Fume & Odor Control

MAXFLO-CS Portable Chemical/Solvent Booth is a totally self contained ductless portable filtration booth. It is used for removal of VOC's, solvents, chemicals, adhesives, epoxies, fumes, dust, smoke & odors. Our containment booth pulls fumes, odors and gases away from the worker's breathing zone. The system uses state-of-the-art technology that combines multiple stages of high efficient particulate filtration with a final 6" deep carbon adsorption module for effective removal of both particulates, fumes & odors. Our filtration system allows the cleaned air to be re circulated without the need for expensive outside exhaust.

MAXFLO Tower is a floor mounted cost effective, easy maintenance ambient air cleaner. It is used for removal of VOC's, solvents, chemicals, dust, fumes, smoke and odors. Each MAXFLO Tower module has (4) 24" x 24" x 6" filter racks and can stack up to 3 modules. The filters are in full view and completely accessible without tools and slide out laterally for easy replacement. Application specific filters are used for various kinds of contaminants.

For fumes and odors a three modules system can hold (24) 26 lbs refillable carbon modules for a total of 624 lbs of activated carbon. Each filter module has a 3" bed depth and 100% fill. The MAXFLO Tower's design is highly effective in removing fumes and odors. Call us today to discuss your application.


MAXFLO HM Series (2000 cfm to 45000 cfm) air cleaners are used for dust, mist, fumes, and odors. They are self contained filtration systems with filters and blower in one cabinet. Modular filtration allows these units to be customized for any application. For fumes and odor control refillable 100% fill absorption modules can be installed in single, double or triple pass configurations. The HM Series units can be used for ambient collection or ducted source capture.

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