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Shaker Type Dust Collectors - 3 Styles

MAXFLO-S800 & S1500 are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dusts from sanding, grinding, and other processes. Typically used for light to moderate concentrations of dry contaminates. The MAXFLO-S collector is provided with manual bag shaker cleaning to minimize maintenance and reduce replacement filter costs. The shaker unit is a smaller sized collector and a low cost alternative to the self cleaning cartridge dust collector.

Pedestal Grinder Dust Collector 
The MAXFLO S-800 is an excellent industrial grade pedestal grinder dust collector. The bench grinder is mounted on top of the MAXFLO S-800 cabinet. Cabinet height extensions can be added to raise the bench grinders to customize the working height. The MAXFLO S-800 replaces the pedestal to create an all in one small compact bench grinder stand/dust collector station. Our MAXFLO S-800 also makes an excellent dust collector for bench mounted belt sanders.

Our MAXFLO S Series units can be configured a couple of different ways, as a floor mounted unit or a portable unit with casters. The MAXFLO-S800 unit is a self-contained, ready to be powered, compact source capture dust collector. The overall size of the collector is designed to fit under a standard work bench.

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MAXVIBE multiple pocket dust collectors are design with manual or motorized shaker cleaning systems. The 99% efficiency filter pocket envelopes allow clean air to be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings. The narrow footprint allows the unit to be installed inside or outside. Usage may vary from wood transforming industries, ferrous or non-ferrous manufacturing shops, plastics and composites fabrication as well as pharmaceutical and food industries. The shaker system dislodges particles from the filter which are then collected and stored in a variety of bens, draws or drums.  Safety features such as explosion relief vents, back draft dampers, spark detection and extinguishing systems are available.



MAXPLY is a more economical dust collector. MAXPLY uses a manual shaker system and does not need an enclosed cabinet. The MAXPLY is perfect for sawdust, grinding, buffing, sanding of different metals powders and composites. The MAXPLY support structure can be easily dismantled for relocation through limited size doorways.

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