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Infra-Red Heaters for Industrial & Commercial Needs


Diversified Air Systems provides high and low intensity infrared heaters for commercial and industrial heating applications. Infra-red heating products are efficient, cost effective and satisfy the heating requirements for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The full line of both high intensity and low intensity units require little to no maintenance.

Infra-red heaters first heat objects such as the floor, machinery, and people. Through various methods of heat transfer (radiation, re-radiation, conduction and convection) the air is heated secondarily as it passes over the warm concrete. Therefore, the heaters can be controlled by air temperature sensing thermostats. This method of heating is very effective in hard to heat areas such as high ceiling or high air exchange areas (such as aircraft hangars).

By first placing the heat at the floor, improved comfort level and reduced operating costs are achieved.

We offer a complete line of infra red heating equipment: high intensity, single and dual stage tube heaters, vacuum tube systems, patio heaters and electric.

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Low Intensity Tube Heaters

Low intensity infrared radiant tube heaters provide superior design flexibility and energy efficiency in a multitude of applications.

High Intensity Luminous

Unvented, high intensity heaters are ideal in applications of high air infiltration, high ceilings, and spot heating.

Patio Heaters

Designed to add warmth to outdoor applications, infrared patio heaters are the perfect solution to stylishly extend the outdoor season to many commercial and residential applications

Unit Heaters

Gas-fired unit heaters offer another option where infrared heating is not practical due to ceiling heights, clearances to combustibles or building use.

Portable Heaters

Portable infrared construction heaters are high intensity heaters designed for outdoor or inside areas under construction and are ideal when temporary heat is required or where a permanent energy source is not available.

Electric Heaters

Electric infrared heaters are ideal for a multitude of applications providing spot, total, or comfort heat with visible light.

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