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MAXFLO Portable Filtration Units - 3 Styles

MAXFLO-PC Portable Cartridge Dust Collector

  • Collects welding fumes, grinding & sanding dust, fumes, and odors
  • Flexible 3 in 1 design: extraction arm, downdraft or backdraft hood
  • 1000, 1200, 2000, and 2500 CFM Models
  • Cartridge filtration with pulse cleaning system
  • Industrial heavy duty plug & play design
  • Options: Dual Arms, HEPA or Carbon Modules

MAXFLO-PBH Portable Backdraft Hood

  • Typical applications: Welding, Grinding, Sanding, Dust, Mist, Smoke, Powders, Lint, Fibers, etc.
  • Ships fully assembled, 36" wide x 28" tall backdraft hood
  • Adjustable hinged side shields and suction slots
  • Recirculates clean air, which eliminates the need for expensive exhaust
  • Plug and play, total self-contained portable backdraft hood
  • High efficiency media filters with an optional refillable adsorption module and/or 9,997% HEPA final filter

MAXFLO-PAC Portable Media Air Cleaner

  • Collects dust, fumes, mist, smoke, and odors at the source
  • 2000 to 1000 Nominal CFM Range
  • Plug and play unit, industrial grade, totally self-contained design, 1.5 HP motor with direct drive blower wheel, 120/1/60, low noise level
  • Flexible filter combinations, easy to use & maintain
  • Standard 95% @ 1 micron high efficiency media filter with optional 99.97 HEPA and refillable adsorption module
  • Recirculates clean air, which eliminates the need for expensive exhaust

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