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Welcome to MAXFLO Industrial Air Filtration Equipment!

MAXFLO is your one source supplier for all your air filtration needs. Whether it's dust booths, downdraft tables, fume arms, mist collectors or wet collectors, MAXFLO leads the way with state of the art equipment. Improve the air quality in your plant. Call us today: 800-264-8958

Application Photo Gallery

Dust Collection
Dust Collection
Industrial Vacuum
Industrial Vacuum
Mist / Smoke
Machine Mist
Replacement Filters

Welding Smoke
Smoke Collection

Woodworking Dust
Wood Dust

Vehicle Exhaust Removal
Vehicle Exhaust Removal

Paint Overspray
Wet Collection

We have application photos under each product category. These photos show our dust collectors, mist collectors and fume arms installed on varies applications. We have included downdraft tables, portable paint booths, dust booths and industrial air cleaners with dozens of photo's. All of our photo's can be enlarged. Many of our customers have found the air cleaning equipment they need by reviewing these photos. Let us help you design and solve your next air cleaning project.